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About us

Smiley Home is a company offering complex and profiled professional services in the field of management and maintenance of buildings - residential, public, administrative, vacational type, etc., in regime of condominium ownership or under co-ownership. The company is run by highly qualified professionals in the field of administration, maintenance, security and management with over 10 years of experience in the listed areas. Professional building manager Smiley Home offers innovative solutions and management and service technologies to its customers without abandoning traditional methods in order to be able to meet the needs of their customers, making the company suitable for working with clients of any age range. Professional building manager Smiley Home guarantees an individual approach and offers solutions for the specific needs of the buildings it services. Higher goals for the team of professional building manager Smiley Home are - customer satisfaction, consistency and quality of services offered, and last but not least, achieving the best conditions. Example - when looking for project contractors: to repair roofs, clean the common parts, change the joinery in the common parts, partial or complex plumbing repairs or other necessary solutions - review and discussion with the general meeting of the condominium of all the offers and choices of a contractor on a competitive basis. When awarding projects, the company presents offers from different contractors and it depends on the client to choose on a competitive basis, the best solution for him.

Our favourite partners: Law Firm Todorova helps us guarantee the strict compliance with the law by all of your neighbours - whether you are an owner, tenant, user or you are a building manager, our unbiased lawyers will take care of solving your case, and also make sure you comply with the law, good morals and good neighbourly relations.

Mediation team: For out-of-court dispute resolution and issues, you can trust our mediator team, who will take care of finding common ground and common solutions even in the most complex and intricate situations.