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Single services in favor of the condominium

✓ Implementation of projects
Smiley Home will organize the execution of all your common projects from organizing the decision-making process in the legally established way to the final stage of the actual implementation and acceptance of the work of a commission you choose. The company is committed to fulfilling any desire of yours for realization of a joint project with a high level of professionalism and appropriate legal expertise guaranteed by the cooperation of the law firm with which we work.

✓ Organization of a general meeting of condominiums
Professional building manager Smiley Home will organize at your request one or more of the general meetings in your condominiums for acceptance of your necessary decisions in connection with the management and maintenance activities of the common parts of your building. The company team will ensure that you have a complete set of legally required documentation and will advise you on a professional level for all activities that accompany your project. If you want to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

✓ Consultations of a professional building manager
If you want to take care of the management and maintenance activities of your building by yourselves in a lawful way, you can consult with Smiley Home to make sure that you comply with all legal requirements and that you will be aware of all obligations and rights of the Managing Authorities and the owners in your condominium.

✓ Control and revision of the cashier of the condominium and the implementation of decisions of the general meeting
Smiley Home can perform a complete review of documentation on your request and will provide an opinion on your documentation, accompanied by recommendations and precautions. Opinions may be given not only in relation to the annual financial statements of the building manager and cashier regarding the cashier of the condominium, but also for all activities related to the implementation of decisions and projects of the condominium general meeting.