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Management and maintenance of vacation properties

✓ Complex services for management and maintenance of the common parts of vacation buildings and properties
Smiley Home will organize both the maintenance and management of the common parts of your vacation complex, but will also move all the necessary documentation related to the categorization and registration of the vacation type buildings, apartments and studios for renting for accommodation, categorization of a bar, restaurant and others, will create and organize all activities related to the accommodation and service of the guests in the complex and will take care of the connections with tour operators, internet sites for offering and advertising and other activities related to sales of accommodation.

✓ Reception
For a pleasant stay of guests in your complex or your family, Smiley Home organizes a reception for the activities of welcoming, animation and assistance of the residents in the complex.

✓ Porter service
A 24-hour or a porter office with a working time that is performed on site at the building in full compliance with legal regulations and established procedures guaranteeing quality, flexibility and efficiency of the service.

✓ Security Service
Licensed live security at the building - 24 hours a day or on shifts. The security of the building can be combined and supplemented with access control and pass-through mode at the request of the client. Technical systems for video surveillance of the building and technical security.
All security services are performed by qualified specialists in full compliance with the Privacy Protection Act, the Personal Data Protection Act and the requirements of the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection Regulation (EC) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

✓ Maintenance of green areas and gardens
Service may include maintenance of existing areas, gardening, renovation or upgrading of existing vegetation and design and construction of a garden.

✓ Pool maintenance
Full service of your pool - cleaning and chemical purification of the pool water, maintenance and repair of pool facilities, refuelling and replacement of pool supplies.

✓ Maintenance and organization of the work of a SPA centre
Provision of all activities for the operation of your SPA centre, including finding appropriate specialists for massage and other services.

✓ Cleaning Service
Smiley Home will organize all activities related to cleaning, equipment, laundry and setting up clean linen to the rooms for overnight stays.

✓ General care for cleanliness in the complex
Cleaning of the common outdoor and indoor areas in the complex with professional preparations, guaranteeing a lasting cleaning effect.

✓ Organization of joint and common meetings of the owners in the complex
Organization and holding of general meetings in the complex - initiation, holding, recording and announcement of the general meetings of the condominiums according to the statutory order.
Collecting and processing proposals and questions from the owners of the complex, putting them on the agenda of the meetings of the complex, consulting and assisting in the decision making, coordination, management and implementation of the condominiums decisions in the complex

✓ Complex Cashier
Calculation of costs for management and maintenance of the common parts of the building and collection of fees from the owners.
Planned visits of a cashier in the building to collect the fees for management and maintenance of the common parts of the building and the contributions to the Repair and Renewal Fund.
Possibility to pay the fees by bank transfer through the Easy Pay offices and the E-pay Internet portal.

✓ Technical maintenance and repairs
Smiley Home will organize all the technical maintenance in the complex, the necessary repairs on the territory of the common parts, will complete the annual plan for planned repairs and organize a rapid and professional response in case of occurrence of accidents on the territory of the common parts of the building.

✓ Pest treatment
Deratization, Disinfection and Disinsection of the common and adjacent to the building open and closed areas with certified preparations, safe for humans and in compliance with all norms.

✓ Detection of measurement readings and appliances
Detection of consumption of water meters and electricity meters, if necessary.

✓ Other activities according to the specifics and needs of maintenance in the complex
Other activities according to the specifics and needs of the maintenance of all the systems and facilities on the territory of the complex.