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Investor services

Professional building manager Smiley Home offers to investors comprehensive services and consultancy in the field of management and maintenance of buildings in condominium regime in which they invest, from a project phase until the final stage to guarantee them:

✓Keeping sales promises

✓Relief of the service activities of the constructed buildings after their entry into service

✓Saving future owners of funds for maintenance of the common parts of the buildings through optimization and good organization of the building infrastructure in order to achieve the most efficient and economically most advantageous maintenance of the common parts of the buildings.

✓Professional organization at the earliest stage of the joint projects

✓Guarantee and validation of a good investor image in the long run - the good organization of the maintenance and management activities of the common parts of the buildings will contribute to your good reputation and image and will bring you recommendations from satisfied and happy buyers. Do not allow for the opposite to happen and begin the building consultation with a vision of the general prosperity of the buildings you have built right now!
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact the Smiley Home team. We await your inquiries.